Sugar Shack

by The Boxcar Lilies

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The Boxcar Lilies returned to the studio this past winter with their standout combination of spine-tingling, innovative harmonies and quality songwriting to record their second CD with esteemed producer Lorne Entress (Lori McKenna, Catie Curtis).


released May 14, 2013

Produced by Lorne Entress

Recorded at:
Middleville Studio -- North Reading MA, Chris Rival engineer
Busterland Studio -- Glastonbury CT, Lorne Entress engineer
Dirt Floor Studio -- Chester CT, Jesse Ray Alford and Nick Macri engineers

Mixed at: Busterland Studio -- Glastonbury, CT, Lorne Entress, engineer

Mastered at: Poolside Studio -- West Hartford, CT Jim Chapdelaine, engineer

Additional Musicians:
Rick Mauran -- drums; Paul Kochanski -- acoustic bass, electric bass; Jim Henry -- acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric mandola;
Kevin Barry -- pedal steel, lap steel, National resonator guitar, acoustic guitar; Lorne Entress -- drums, acoustic guitar, percussion, organ,
reed organ; David Limina -- organ, Wurlitzer piano; Richard Gates -- electric bass; Joyce Andersen -- fiddle; Roger Williams – Dobro


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The Boxcar Lilies Greenfield, Massachusetts

Combining spine-tingling harmony and exceptional songwriting, The Boxcar Lilies have made a name for themselves with their signature mix of folk, country, blues, and bluegrass-tinged Americana music.

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Track Name: Lightnin'
Once there was a man with Lightnin’ in his hands
He made the sweetest sound your ears have ever heard, boys
But lightning catches fire of an insatiable desire
And all you’re left is a pile of smoke and ash, boys

Once there was a girl who was burnin’ up her world
The last thing that she needed, boys, was Lightnin’
But ain’t it funny how you feel when you’re finding out it’s real
And you can’t even tell the wrong from right, boys

And it’s a high hard trail past the thrushes and the sunshine
To where the wind comes whistlin’ through the pines
It’s a lonely place up there, but it’s a guarantee of where
You’re sure to find the closest spot to Lightnin’

A pile of smoke and ashes boys you can’t do much with that
It’s just a sick and sad and sorry burnt reminder
But that don’t stop a train and that don’t douse a flame
And that don’t stop a girl from wanting Lightnin’

So the moral of this story, gals is saddle up your horse
Button up your longest overcoat
You might find the weather fine or you might find the rain
But you’re sure to heed the wicked sounds of Lightnin’
Track Name: Six Ways to Sunday
On up the coastline, Hurricane’s running
The locals all smile like they know what’s coming
Storm surge rising outside Atty May’s
You waltz in just like you own the place

You look like trouble, six ways to Sunday
All kinds of trouble, late nights and lost days
I saw you coming from a mile away

The storm has touched down. Sounds like a freight train
Came to this bay town to ditch the fast lane
Not sure what is that you intend
But I’m not looking to make any new friends

You fancy yourself some old lonely lighthouse out to sea
But I can see how many shipwrecks lie at your feet

You look like trouble from where I’m standing
Though my knees buckle, I’ll leave the way that I came in
Don’t look my way with that damn crooked grin
Darling if you’re trouble well then…that’s what I’m in
Track Name: Sugar Shack
Won’t you drop on by the sugar shack
Fire is going strong
Sparks flyin’ out the chimney stack
I’ll be here all day long

Up in this hilltown we still got snow
Drifts are mighty deep
So park your car along the road and
Follow my tracks down to Sawmill Creek

There’s a crooked shed with a welcome mat
Nestled in the wood
Ain’t it crazy how such a makeshift shack
Can make something so good

Oh the springtime breeze stirs the soul
The sunshine stirs the trees
These cold, cold nights and golden days
Make the sap run sure and sweet

I won’t sleep ‘til every jar is filled
So don’t leave me here marooned
Lonely as a Carolina wren
Who flew back North a week too soon

Oh won’t you drop on by the sugar shack.
Your secret’s safe with me
I promise you something sweet in return
For your sweet, sweet company
Track Name: In This Valley
Sing me, sing me low in this valley.
Lay my love to rest
Sing me, sing me low in this valley.
Won’t you come dear death

Hear that lonesome whippoorwill sing
As I walk down the road
My kin’s all gone, I watched them die
And soon I too shall go

Now I have watched the gathering storm
And heard the thunder roll
I have walked this road to the West
And stumbled my way home
Track Name: Good Fortune
Good fortune keep my head above the water
Momma wanted more for her only daughter
Some days I barely keep from going under
Is it any wonder I don’t… any wonder I don’t

Up and leave the life I’m living in this damn town
I ain’t asking for a castle and a gold crown
Just an acre I can stake and call my own
Some place to call my home

Good fortune won’t you smile
And shine some luck on me
I’m earning each and every mile
But despite all the hours I keep
I’m barely making ends meet

Wasn’t long ago, I had some big dreams
Only so long I can keep on swimming upstream
Counting tips and clearing tables on the third shift
Sometimes I need a lift, you know I might need a lift

Black coffee at the crack of dawn
Tank’s empty and the engine light’s on
I don’t know much longer I can hold on

Good Fortune looks up at me with her blue eyes
And a smile you know money can’t buy
It’s not the riches but the little seeds you sow
Sit back and watch them grow
Track Name: Don't Send Me Up to Heaven
Don’t send me up to heaven when I die Lord
Ain’t the kind of place I’d like to be
The saints and angels are doin’ fine without me
Don’t send me up to heaven when I leave

I’d rather be some lonesome restless spirit
Roamin’ round the forest and the trees
So don’t send me up to heaven when I die Lord
I know they’re doing fine there without me

Just let me haunt the quiet roads at midnight
And linger in the waves upon the sea
I promise I won’t bother anybody
Just don’t send me up to heaven when I leave
Track Name: Love Comes Back
If I had a dime for every time I thought I’d never feel
The way I feel this summer afternoon
The pile would reach my shoulder as I'd stand there gettin’ colder
So I kicked it down and settled into June
Oh I was wrong, it was there all along

I used to pray when I would wake
That some kind God would somehow take
My burden from its dark place in my heart
Til one day waking up from sleep
I heard its melody so sweet
A bird had nestled deep inside my heart
Oh, I heard her song, it was there all along
Love comes back

Because love is patient, love is kind and
You might nearly lose your mind
Waiting for your heart to do its mending
You might never understand
The patience of that unseen hand
That guides your boat in safety through the night

There are fields of singing trees that whistle sighing in the breeze
And their song is like a lovers lullaby
And I am stronger than I knew and
I have watched the seeds that grew
I had forgotten I had left them there
Oh, they pushed on through
Just like forgotten seeds do
Yeah they come back
Track Name: Sunday Best
Let go of the rope that keeps me tethered to this life
Let go of the hope of ever shining in your eyes
Just once I wish you’d smile when I walk into a room
Let go of this rope
And do it soon

Let go of the night I waited for you to come home
Let go of the way my heart sank like a stone
Turned the porch light off and put on my Sunday best
Let go of that night

And when I see you again
We’ll exchange words and part as friends
And all the dreams I saved for that day
Will wash away.

Let go of the house that you left empty and pristine
Let go of the need to never, ever make a scene
Just barely glimpse the light as I come into my own
Let go of this house
It’s not a home

All the ways I tried to win you
All the words I did not say
Turn to dust and wash away
Track Name: West County Line
I never did see such a sight in my life
As the blue on the hills on a warm country night
You might be as dark as a glass of red wine
But your soul will get right out on the West County Line

Now there are some things a woman can see
And some things I know that you see in me
Now it’s time for this living so small to take a bow
‘Cause this road’s headed straight into the sun anyhow

West County Line looks so lovely tonight
She’s a deep shade of blue in the shadows tonight

I might go drink whiskey or call up a song
I might do some right and I might do some wrong
But when I am gone my freed soul will still be
In the West County wind and the West County trees

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